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Tennant Biomodulator® Quickstart

Get started now with your Biomodulator

For quick PDF Downloads on how to use your new TEnnant biomodulator®

Getting started

Watch the videos below for an easy QuickSTART for using your TENNANT BIOMODULATOR®

Learn The Programs Modes

Watch Use Case applications

Learn about accessories


reset your A.N.S. quickly

FDA Clearance & Contraindications
Watch this Video for QuickSTART Guide for brand new users. First learn the rules and guidelines to the product. Click the video to learn more.
Assessing voltage in the body

Learn how to meausre the voltage levels in the body. Watch the video to learn more.

BIomodulator power settings
Setting the accurate power levels for your Tennant Biomodulator® is essential to healing. Watch the video to learn more.
Biomodulator Accessories
Learn about all the great accessories that Senergy offers to help make the most out of your Tennant Biomodulator®.
using the biotransducer
Learn how the BioTransducer® is able to give you the best possible results for your Tennant Biomodulator®.
Autonomic Nervous System Reset
Possibly the quickest way to make an instant differance in your overall well being. Watch the video and learn how to reset your A.N.S. quickly.
Emotional Release Protocol
Learn how clearing energy in the body can bring up emotions and how to prepare for this.
Recharging Muscle Batteries
Learn how the body acts like a capacitor, storing energy in the muscle tissues for the organs to use during the day. Learn the steps to charge the muscle battery packs.
biomodulator® for Emergencies

Using your Biomodulator® in the moments that matter most. Learn the best use scenarios to help in the moments that matter most.

tennant BIomodulator® quick resources

2012 MAY Practical Applications of Biomodulator
2013 – pH Voltage Chart
2013 Muscle Meridian Healing
2014 BioTerminal Chart
2014 Hand Points for hand grips
2014 Jarrah Xray Report
2014 JUL Tennant Muscle Batteries-Supplement
2015 JAN Tennant Biomodulator Technology Sheet
2015 OCT Tennant Biomodulator PLUS e-brochure
2015 Tennant Biomodulator PRO 2.1 Specification Page
Compare Tennant Biomodulator with Traditional TENS
TENS_Comparison_2013 (2) YELLOW band

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